Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Challenge Heaven June Challenges (Part 2)

YAY for me!! 2 more challenges completed.

Theme Challenge - NEW with mixed alpha title

This layout is Regan with his new board. His 1st fiberglass board. He had well and truly outgrown his foamy and there was no way it would wait until his b'day in Nov to get a new board. He surprised us by getting up 1st go and carving up those waves (we thought it might take him a few goes to get used to the different board, but he proved us wrong). Sadly there has been no surf (not even a ripple) for about a month now and he is itching to get back into the water.

Card Challenge
I have used the mirror mage of the sketch with scraps from previous challenge to make this card for Kara's b'day this week.

I wonder if I can finish some more challenges for a part 3 ?????

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