Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 Days in Hospital

Thank goodness for scrapbooking!! Otherwise my recent unplanned hospital stay in protective isolation would have been very boring. Particularly when I wasn't even feeling sick. The medication I was on for Graves Disease (thyroid problem) caused my white cells to drop to nil. So I was rushed into hospital as I had no immune system to fight off any bad germs. After a bone marrow biopsy conf it wasn't Leukemia but definitely the meds, I was given daily injections to help boost the bone marrow into producing the white cells again. Bad news is I was stuck in hospital with only family that could visit and I missed Kaleah's 7th birthday. Good news is I missed volunteering at the school disco - 7 hrs of chicken dancing - damn shame!! And I completed 8 layouts and over 10 cards. Read 2 and 1/2 books, watched some movies, and relaxed. It was the best I have felt in months. Now it is back to the specialist to sort out the thyroid. My options are radio therapy (which might or might not work, but have to wait at least 6 months to find out) or surgery. I need to talk it over with the dr more and do some research, but atm I am thinking just do the surgery and rip the bloody thing out.
These are a couple of the layouts I completed. I won't show the rest because I might use them for upcoming sketch challenges at Forever Always


Paula said...

Great layouts Kye, especially love the butterfly misting ;) gorgeous! Pity about the hospital stay, bonus about the reading & scrapping...even better that you made it home for Easter. Good luck with future drs visits, hope they find a painless solution.

Belinda said...

Awesome Lo's Kye, got to be some adantages to be stuck in hospital!!! though so glad all is ok and you are back in the comfort of your own home!!

Sonia said...

Great layout and well I am glad there was an upside to your isolation.

Can't wait to see more - soon.
Continue to get Well!!!

Kylene said...

Thanks girls. and thanks again Sonia for your care package. It was well used