Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Star Performance

Kaleah's concert last week was brilliant. I was so proud of my little girl up on the big stage performing and dancing her little heart out. She had a ball and didn't seem nervous at all. These are the professional photos taken. Kaleah hates the Jazz ballet photo "Splish Splash" and I have to admit it is "over the top" and reminds me of an American beauty pageant. (More fodder for the 21st). But she does photograph well and looks ever so gorgeous!!

The second one is the Drama and Performance class which combines, singing dancing and acting. She certainly held her own on stage with the older girls.

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Michelle W said...

HUGE congrats to both Regan and Kaleah for their achievements !!! Hope they enjoy their holidays and continue to do well at school and in their extra curricular activities !
Merry Christmas guys !!!