Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Santa's Been!!!!

A typical early start on Christmas day for some very excited kids. First off we had to check whether Santa and his reindeers ate their treats. Kaleah decided that the reindeers must have been extra thirsty and hungry this year because they drank all the water and ate all the carrots, where as usually they leave a little behind. Regan decided that Santa shouldn't be driving his sleigh because if he drank a beer at everyone's house then he would be over the limit to drive. (yes we had picked up Scott after golf the previous weekend because he was having a few drinks.)

Beau wasted no time pulling presents out of his santa sack. He knew exactly what was going on this year. The big winner was his Wiggles guitar and Lightening MacQueen race track.
(For some reason I can't upload anymore photos today so I will try again later)

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