Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rainy Day Layouts

This past week we have had a lot of much needed rain, mainly overnight and a few showers in the morning, but yesterday morning it looked like it was really set in. I sat down to do some scrapping but of course the kids all wanted to join in. So between helping Beau and Kaleah, and saving my dining table from the copious amoutns of glitter and glue being used, I managed 2 quick layouts before the rain cleared and we went to the beach for a surf.

More Christmas Day photos

No surprises that the Wii was Regan's favourite - although he still raced off to build his new Lego set first.

Kaleah - always the princess!! Purple is the new pink!!!!

An afternoon swim

Santa's Been!!!!

A typical early start on Christmas day for some very excited kids. First off we had to check whether Santa and his reindeers ate their treats. Kaleah decided that the reindeers must have been extra thirsty and hungry this year because they drank all the water and ate all the carrots, where as usually they leave a little behind. Regan decided that Santa shouldn't be driving his sleigh because if he drank a beer at everyone's house then he would be over the limit to drive. (yes we had picked up Scott after golf the previous weekend because he was having a few drinks.)

Beau wasted no time pulling presents out of his santa sack. He knew exactly what was going on this year. The big winner was his Wiggles guitar and Lightening MacQueen race track.
(For some reason I can't upload anymore photos today so I will try again later)

Pre Christmas visitors

Yes I know I am a bit behind, but the weeks leading up to Christmas were certainly hectic to say the least. The highlights of course being visits from both Poppy (Scott's dad) and Nanna (my mum), which the kids really enjoyed. It's always great to see them, but sadly visits are always too short. The good news is Poppy will be back in Feb for a weekend, and mum has booked for 10 days over Easter!! Kara will be coming up then too.

Kaleah enjoying a cuddle with Nanny

Enjoying chocolate paddle pops by the pool - Poppy's shout. Always a winner!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Star Performance

Kaleah's concert last week was brilliant. I was so proud of my little girl up on the big stage performing and dancing her little heart out. She had a ball and didn't seem nervous at all. These are the professional photos taken. Kaleah hates the Jazz ballet photo "Splish Splash" and I have to admit it is "over the top" and reminds me of an American beauty pageant. (More fodder for the 21st). But she does photograph well and looks ever so gorgeous!!

The second one is the Drama and Performance class which combines, singing dancing and acting. She certainly held her own on stage with the older girls.

Proud Mum Moment

Yesterday at a special awards ceremony at school, Regan was presented with an "Excellence and Honour Award for Academic Achievement". Needless to say mum and dad are both very proud and yes there were tears!! But I had to laugh afterwards when Regan quietly asked me what "academic" means?? My reply was that if he didn't know then he would have to hand back the trophy. He thought about it then and said "oh is that all the maths and reading and writing and stuff we do in class?? Well if I won this award then that must mean that I did ok at my work??" Yes Regan darling you did do ok!! LOL. At only grade 2 there are many years to go and I truly hope that you continue to excell and always enjoy learning.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

FA December Monthly Sketch Challenge

For your chance to win $20 off your next order from Forever Always complete a layout based on this sketch and upload to the gallery by 30/12/2009

This months sketch was inspired by Gab and I love how this layout has turned out.