Wednesday, September 16, 2009

P.....d Off

ggggrrrrrr. I am really angry. When we got our new computer it didn't come with "Word" programs but some other program that the salesman assured me was exactly the same, and that the kids wouldn't have any trouble using it for their school work. Whilst it is not "exactly" the same it does do the same things (just in a different way that I am trying to get my head around). I have been getting frustrated enough with trying to work it out BUT after Regan has spent the past 2 weeks working on an Ocean Animals project and preparing a power point presentation, downloaded to his USB and when he tried to access it in class - NOTHING. His teacher told me she had a couple of the IT teachers trying to make it compatible for the school systems but no. They cannot open the presentation. So it is back to the computer shop for me tomorrow. At least I know that in grade 2 its not going to effect his marks, but poor Regan was so dissappointed that he couldn't do his presentation.

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