Friday, August 28, 2009

Feeling like a Very Slack Mum

Regan went bolting through the house the other day in a hurry to get to the toy room and his lego (where else?) when all of a sudden there was this awful scream and those tears of pain. He had jumped down the step and landed on a toy (no surprise there because most days it is very difficult to negotiate a clear path). Anyway I pretty much told him "yep it happens" and to basically get over it. A few days later I noticed that he was limping and he said that his foot was still sore. When I looked I could see it was bruised, but didn't appear to have anything in it, so I just thought it would be OK soon. The following day he told me his tooth had been bleeding alot at school. It was a baby tooth and again I said not to worry it will fall out soon. The next day I got the phone call from school to pick him up as his tooth was sore. So I took him to the dentist who advised that the baby tooth was stuck and the gums were starting to grow over it, causing the new tooth coming down to grow crookedly as there was no room. The dentist pulled the tooth and I was so proud of Regan. He didn't even flinch. I was watching his hands and feet, and there was no clenching of the fists, or curling of the toes. Much braver than I am.
After the dentist, I decided to get the doctor to look at his foot as we were already there. There was the possibility of something stuck in the heel so it was off for xrays. Thankfully nothing there, just bruising.
I'm feeling guilty because I have been so busy lately that maybe I wasn't caring enough at the time. But deep down I know that's not true and I will stop beating myself up about it.


Just Calls and Crops said...

You are not a slack mum !
If kids learned to pack away their toys, accidents like this wouldn't happen !!! (Jacob's playroom is a sty and lego is absolutely everywhere LOL).
Hope Regan's foot is better soon !

Kylene said...

Thanks Michelle. His foot is all better and YES there is still Lego all over the floor!!