Friday, August 21, 2009



Such a fantastic concert. Kaleah's class performed an ABBA medley brilliantly for their concert. Photos of course aren't the best from inside the hall, but better than nothing. Kaleah had been so hyped about it for weeks and finally the day was here. On the morning of the concert she was laying in our bed and she sang a few of the tunes for daddy who wasn't going to be able to make the concert due to work, and when she got to the last song "Thank You for the Music" she sang it so sweetly that both mummy and daddy had tears in their eyes. I was so proud of her. She was front and centre with Katy and I could hear some parents behind me commenting on how good "those 2 little girls in the front" are. And yes there were more tears from mum at the end. But I wasn't the only one.
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Sonia said...

tears in my eyes just reading it...LOL how precious.