Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rainy Day Layouts

This past week we have had a lot of much needed rain, mainly overnight and a few showers in the morning, but yesterday morning it looked like it was really set in. I sat down to do some scrapping but of course the kids all wanted to join in. So between helping Beau and Kaleah, and saving my dining table from the copious amoutns of glitter and glue being used, I managed 2 quick layouts before the rain cleared and we went to the beach for a surf.

More Christmas Day photos

No surprises that the Wii was Regan's favourite - although he still raced off to build his new Lego set first.

Kaleah - always the princess!! Purple is the new pink!!!!

An afternoon swim

Santa's Been!!!!

A typical early start on Christmas day for some very excited kids. First off we had to check whether Santa and his reindeers ate their treats. Kaleah decided that the reindeers must have been extra thirsty and hungry this year because they drank all the water and ate all the carrots, where as usually they leave a little behind. Regan decided that Santa shouldn't be driving his sleigh because if he drank a beer at everyone's house then he would be over the limit to drive. (yes we had picked up Scott after golf the previous weekend because he was having a few drinks.)

Beau wasted no time pulling presents out of his santa sack. He knew exactly what was going on this year. The big winner was his Wiggles guitar and Lightening MacQueen race track.
(For some reason I can't upload anymore photos today so I will try again later)

Pre Christmas visitors

Yes I know I am a bit behind, but the weeks leading up to Christmas were certainly hectic to say the least. The highlights of course being visits from both Poppy (Scott's dad) and Nanna (my mum), which the kids really enjoyed. It's always great to see them, but sadly visits are always too short. The good news is Poppy will be back in Feb for a weekend, and mum has booked for 10 days over Easter!! Kara will be coming up then too.

Kaleah enjoying a cuddle with Nanny

Enjoying chocolate paddle pops by the pool - Poppy's shout. Always a winner!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Star Performance

Kaleah's concert last week was brilliant. I was so proud of my little girl up on the big stage performing and dancing her little heart out. She had a ball and didn't seem nervous at all. These are the professional photos taken. Kaleah hates the Jazz ballet photo "Splish Splash" and I have to admit it is "over the top" and reminds me of an American beauty pageant. (More fodder for the 21st). But she does photograph well and looks ever so gorgeous!!

The second one is the Drama and Performance class which combines, singing dancing and acting. She certainly held her own on stage with the older girls.

Proud Mum Moment

Yesterday at a special awards ceremony at school, Regan was presented with an "Excellence and Honour Award for Academic Achievement". Needless to say mum and dad are both very proud and yes there were tears!! But I had to laugh afterwards when Regan quietly asked me what "academic" means?? My reply was that if he didn't know then he would have to hand back the trophy. He thought about it then and said "oh is that all the maths and reading and writing and stuff we do in class?? Well if I won this award then that must mean that I did ok at my work??" Yes Regan darling you did do ok!! LOL. At only grade 2 there are many years to go and I truly hope that you continue to excell and always enjoy learning.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

FA December Monthly Sketch Challenge

For your chance to win $20 off your next order from Forever Always complete a layout based on this sketch and upload to the gallery by 30/12/2009

This months sketch was inspired by Gab and I love how this layout has turned out.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

More layouts for November

This weeks recipe scrap by GDT Belinda was the perfect layout for these photos of Beau at Putt Putt Golf. In true Beau style he showed us how to get a hole in one!! It's really very easy when you walk right up to the hole and place the ball next to it.

This one was Belinda's GDT challenge and the criteria was to do a shaped layout (non 12x12), black and white photo and brackets. Wasn't I a chubby bubby!!!
thanks Belinda for the inspiration for both of these layouts.

Monday, November 23, 2009

More CC Layouts

This was for Belinda's GDT Challenge and the criteria was to use square photo with rounded corners, 3 flowers and something bright (which is Kaleah's dance costume)

Another fantastic recipe challenge by Renae. My first visit to Santa. Aren't I cute LOL

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nov CC Ch#1 - sketch

I just had to use some photos from the 70's for this sketch based on Renae's layout. And even found some old pp's that reminded me of the 70's.

The other criteria was to use the word "Groovy" in the title.
Photos are of me, Stew and Russell watching the hangliders at Long Reef Headland around 1976. It's a bit hard to see the dirt road going all the way up and no trees. It sure has changed over the years.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Novel Approach to Scrapbooking (ANATS)

Novembers ANATS challenge is based on the Harry Potter series. You can find the full details here . There is a surprise pack of goodies up for grabs, so upload your layouts by 29/11 to the Forever Always Gallery and in the forum

The challenge involving 4 patterned papers in the limited colours was at first a bit daunting. 1 because I don't do layers of pp's generally and 2 because I didn't have 4 coordinating pp's. But once I took of my blinkers and used a black pp as the background the rest of the challenge was easy.

November Monthly Sketch

This is my take on this months sketch

For your chance to win $20 off your next order from Forever Always complete a layout based on this sketch and upload to the gallery by 29/11/2009

What Inspires You???

Pop on over to Forever Always and check out November newsletter to find out what inspires us in our scrapping.
For me my children and husband are my life, and I am constantly inspired by them to be a better mother, better lover, better wife, better friend and a better person. They are my whole world.

Being a working mum of three, who is heavily involved wth their school P & C, and sporting commitments, often leaves me with little time for scrapbooking. And when I am really time poor, or when the creative juices just aren't flowing, I love to use a sketch or recipe challenge to kick start the mojo.

"Getting Stronger Everyday" is a sketch by Becky Fleck's Page Maps.

"Scream and Shout" was a recipe scrap by Amie that I didn't get a chance to do on the night and I love how this one turned out - thanks Amie.

"Mischief and Adventure"
This one was inspired by Beau's pyjamas where I have used both the title and layout design to complete this layout. And it sums up Beau perfectly - "Mischief and Adventure". He is all boy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A couple of layouts

Just a few layouts I have done lately.

This one I did for the retreat recipe scrap using the Bella "Sarah Jane" range of pp's and embellishments. A rare photo of Scott and I taken at mum's before we went to Demo and Clare's wedding.

This one was for GDT Kylie B's challenge of scrapping a "first". Regan had been wanting to go fishing for months. So while we were away we went a few times. Sadly he didn't catch anything, and after casting the line onto the bridge a few times he did even master the art of getting it in the water!! he did have lots of fun and is keen to go again soon.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Forever Always Halloween Cybercrop

So I know these are late, and sadly I only got 2 challenges done - but here are my layouts from the CC

This one is for the colour combo challenge - purple, green, orange and black

And this is the sketch challenge (courtesy of Page Maps - Becky Fleck sketch)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Forever Always Cybercrop

Oct CC Banner

I hope you can join us for some fun this weekend!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Doing the Wild Thing

Now that's something you don't see everyday!!??

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2 Snakes going for it on the beach at Brooms Head. Not that I am into voyuerism but it was very interesting to watch. They started in the bushes in the dunes and were so carried away they fell down onto the sand and didn't care that they had an audience. From a distance about 10 of us watched for over 10 minutes while they finished their biz. At the end they uncoiled themselves and were so tired they could hardly slide back under cover.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Brooms Head

Standing on our tent site - just a few steps from the beach
Beau in the dust storm

Kaleah at the rock pools

Regan catching some waves

Whilst they had fun fishing, they didn't catch a thing - not even a nibble!!

We had an awesome week camping at Brooms Head. Such a beautiful spot. We all had a ball - swimming, surfing, fishing, bike riding, walks along the beach, playing games and relaxing with a good book. Of course there was a spot of rain - to be expected when you go camping - and the dust storm - not to mention gale force winds - none of which spoilt our fun.

10 More Weeks

Can you believe it?? Only 10 more weeks of school for this year. And that means only about 12 weeks (or less) until Christmas. OMG where has the year gone???

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Scrappy Day

Last Friday I finally scrapped!!! Nothing else got done - oh except a yucky trip to the dentist (but we won't talk about that). I was pretty pleased with how much I achieved - some CC layouts and these "just because" layouts. No challenges, no DT work, just because I was scrapping! My first one "Beach Babe" I love!! Not ususally into the monochromatic but after doing the all red for Sept ANATS Twilight challenge, and the all white for Aug Out of the Hat challenge, I thought I would give it another go. Kaleah at the beach on Fathers Day with her new sunnies. Pink and Bling now that's Kaleah!!

A simple layout using Kaisercrafts "Allsorts" range. Kaleah and Beau mastering the art of sharing and taking turns!!

Making a splash and testing out the new underwater camera
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Recipe Scrap 9/9/09

Thanks Renae for a fantastic recipe. I love how this one turned out.
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FA Spring Cybercrop

I did these layouts for our Spring CC at Forever Always last weekend. "Little Miss Sunshine" was for the sketch challnge and I have used the very yummy "Eva" range from Basic Grey. The criteria was to creat a flower and I have layered the chipboard embellies on a ribbon flower to mimic the rays from the sun. Kaleah does bring sunshine and laughter to our days.

Colour Challenge - "Just us Girls". This is an old photo of my sisters and I with Kaleah on her Christening Day. It's a very girly layout with the pastel flower cluster.
I did finish 1 more challenge but I haven't photographed it yet. (probably because I an still not sure if I am happy with it or not)
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P.....d Off

ggggrrrrrr. I am really angry. When we got our new computer it didn't come with "Word" programs but some other program that the salesman assured me was exactly the same, and that the kids wouldn't have any trouble using it for their school work. Whilst it is not "exactly" the same it does do the same things (just in a different way that I am trying to get my head around). I have been getting frustrated enough with trying to work it out BUT after Regan has spent the past 2 weeks working on an Ocean Animals project and preparing a power point presentation, downloaded to his USB and when he tried to access it in class - NOTHING. His teacher told me she had a couple of the IT teachers trying to make it compatible for the school systems but no. They cannot open the presentation. So it is back to the computer shop for me tomorrow. At least I know that in grade 2 its not going to effect his marks, but poor Regan was so dissappointed that he couldn't do his presentation.

Not very good at this

OK so I am not very good at this blogging stuff. BUT after our holidays I WILL improve!!
(That is my affirmation for today).
So I am apologising for being slack and not responding to your comments earlier. And now I am off to take my first steps on improving and visit some blogs and leave some love!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

What a Day!!

Regan and his footy team had an awesome time at the Titans vs Tigers match on the weekend. They were so lucky. Nate's dad is Michael Searle the CEO of the Titans and the players and families were all treated to a special day out. It started with a behind the scenes tour of the stadium including dressing sheds, corporate boxes, commentators box and the field, before the game. Then they played against a team from Byron Bay at half time. After their game they formed a guard of honour for the Titans players to run back on for the 2nd half. Back to watch the 2nd half and the Titans win to cement their place in the finals. Then after the game they were invited into the dressing sheds to meet the players. It was a huge day and Regan is still buzzing.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Thought for today 28/8

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow. (Doug Firebaugh)

Feeling like a Very Slack Mum

Regan went bolting through the house the other day in a hurry to get to the toy room and his lego (where else?) when all of a sudden there was this awful scream and those tears of pain. He had jumped down the step and landed on a toy (no surprise there because most days it is very difficult to negotiate a clear path). Anyway I pretty much told him "yep it happens" and to basically get over it. A few days later I noticed that he was limping and he said that his foot was still sore. When I looked I could see it was bruised, but didn't appear to have anything in it, so I just thought it would be OK soon. The following day he told me his tooth had been bleeding alot at school. It was a baby tooth and again I said not to worry it will fall out soon. The next day I got the phone call from school to pick him up as his tooth was sore. So I took him to the dentist who advised that the baby tooth was stuck and the gums were starting to grow over it, causing the new tooth coming down to grow crookedly as there was no room. The dentist pulled the tooth and I was so proud of Regan. He didn't even flinch. I was watching his hands and feet, and there was no clenching of the fists, or curling of the toes. Much braver than I am.
After the dentist, I decided to get the doctor to look at his foot as we were already there. There was the possibility of something stuck in the heel so it was off for xrays. Thankfully nothing there, just bruising.
I'm feeling guilty because I have been so busy lately that maybe I wasn't caring enough at the time. But deep down I know that's not true and I will stop beating myself up about it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thought for today

"The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache" (Marjorie Pay Hinckley)



Such a fantastic concert. Kaleah's class performed an ABBA medley brilliantly for their concert. Photos of course aren't the best from inside the hall, but better than nothing. Kaleah had been so hyped about it for weeks and finally the day was here. On the morning of the concert she was laying in our bed and she sang a few of the tunes for daddy who wasn't going to be able to make the concert due to work, and when she got to the last song "Thank You for the Music" she sang it so sweetly that both mummy and daddy had tears in their eyes. I was so proud of her. She was front and centre with Katy and I could hear some parents behind me commenting on how good "those 2 little girls in the front" are. And yes there were more tears from mum at the end. But I wasn't the only one.
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